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22 Avril 2024, 17:05pm

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Earth Day

The lush green responds to careful steps.
A slight breeze welcomes the sun,
As shapes of flowers scatter
Along the path
In yellows, purples and crimsons.
Beneath the hollies,
A small bird hovers
As wings soar and sing in unison.
Grapevines birthing leaves appear
Delicately between thin branches.
The earth is flourishing in colors and tones,
And cloudless skies of the purest blue resonate.
A red tulip in a cerulean vase reaches high
Sunlight tells the story of growth appearing.




Marsha Solomon has been living and working as a painter in New York. Before moving to New York, Solomon received a B.A. in Art from the University of Maryland, and did graduate studies in painting at the highly regarded Maryland Institute of Art, and later at the Art Students League in New York.

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Anila Bukhari's POETRY

4 Avril 2024, 18:01pm

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Anila Bukhari

Anila Bukhari

Anila Bukhari, a remarkable young woman hailing from Pakistan, has made a significant impact on the world with her talents and passion. As the first youngest published author in Pakistan, her books have gained recognition and are even registered with the Library of Congress in the USA. Anila's dedication to championing the cause of child marriage has earned her the title of a true advocate. Her thought-provoking poems have been displayed at numerous international venues, spreading awareness and inspiring change. Anila's influence extends far beyond the borders of her own country. Her powerful words have reached the hearts of thousands of children, enlightening them about the importance of ending child marriage. In fact, her impactful poems have been included in the syllabus for 7th-grade students in Nepal, ensuring that her message reaches even more young minds. Currently pursuing her A-levels at Cambridge University in London, Anila continues to pursue her education while making a difference through her writing. Anila's literary achievements have not gone unnoticed. Her poems have been exhibited in Canada, showcasing her talent and garnering international recognition. With her unwavering determination and commitment to social causes, Anila Bukhari has truly become a daughter of the nation, inspiring others to follow in her footsteps. Her efforts as a published author, child marriage activist, and advocate for girls' rights make her a shining example of what one person can achieve when they set their mind to it.

"Daughters Are Also Sold"

In the era of ignorance, it was heard
That they were often discarded.
Mothers would abandon them, and fathers would cast them away
To a distant place where deep wells would swallow their cries forever.
Even today, this tradition persists
In my country,
In remote, desolate regions,
Where the poison of poverty seeps through families.
When a little daughter dons a crimson dress,
She becomes invincible.
All her dreams remain tethered to her tiny feet,
But alas, her laughter never returns.
Her emotions are bartered away,
Her precious eyes lose their value,
And she herself is sold without a price.

"Anila Bukhari "

" I'm like a star"

Give me the freedom to write my own story.
My tears show me the true way.
I am like a star that shines brightly to show the way.
I am like a bird that cannot be caged.
I am like the fire that burns inside all of us.
I am like the raindrop that write its own fate
I am the ray of sunshine that sets everything aglow.
I am like the fragrance that scents the entire world.

Anila Bukhari

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Poems by Nguyen Thanh Thuong from Vietnam

11 Janvier 2024, 19:42pm

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Nguyen Thanh Thuong

Nguyen Thanh Thuong

Poems by Thanh Thuong from Vietnam

Her biography:

Her full name: Nguyen Thanh Thuong

A Teacher, and a Poet, too.

Date of birth: May 11, 1968

Living in: Hanoi

There have been many poems printed and published in newspapers and in literary magazines

Vice President of Vietnam Poetry Club




Today is my birthday

Roses and chocolates are your presents

My poem praises our love

Written in loving purple ink just like at school


Your heart is full of love and gratitude

You bring about the shimmering sky and beautiful earth

Passionate, loving, deserted

Writing in haste just like in the military, under the moonlight.


The hesitant purple hue of crape myrtle flowers

Faithfully waiting for my love on the side of the road

Cicadas envy my rosy cheeks

They induce flamboyant flowers in bright red bloom.


Enthralled, I’m beaming

Sweet radiant sun rays looking at me

Oh our poetic love!

My diary, how many pages about you.


Our love is beautiful like a painting

Let the pink wind, white clouds, and the blue sky be our background!


My birthday in May, 2023





Roses and Chocolates Day

As usual, you brought me your gifts

A thousand times better than expected

It’s the beautiful scent of passionate love.


By the lake, full of early morning dews

Holding each other’s hands tight, we were walking together

Looking at some pair of swans

When did they commit to being a couple?


I pointed at something in the distance

You saw that there were the twin towers

They were always stable in spite of the wind

Just like our unshakeable love.


A million roses bloomed, romantic and beautiful

Valentine's day and many other days

It will forever be our burning love

Standing tall like the twin towers eternally!


Valentine’s Day 14th February





What are you hiding in the sunshine today?

That purple clouds fill up the corners of your eyes

Full of red color with a sweet aroma

The wind blows just like singing a love song.


What are you hiding in your beautiful promises?

That butterflies and bees swarm passionately, so strange

Clouds are away and don’t cover the branches

The afternoon is late, still plenty of sunshine.


What do you hide from the silence of each night?

The wind stopped and I was lulled to sleep

The fragrance of the countryside came back seductively

Made us drunk in my loosening sleek hair


What are you hiding in the vast empty space?

My missing you vaguely and indescribably

My little heart fluttered again

The street in the season of love was filled with dreams.


The afternoon clouds still linger passionately

Our glances are more ecstatic and excited

Crape myrtle flowers are purple like our hearts in the chests

A passionate kiss with a promise to love you!


Hà Nội, 23th April, 2023





My kite sang in my childhood

I was eager to learn and dreamed of going to school

Summer came with my dear red flamboyant flowers blooming

Purple crape myrtle flowers on the road I was walking


From above, the songs of nightingales

Thin shirts and broken sandals

Straw hats, medicine shoulder bags

The winds blew the sideburns teasingly…


Mother and father were burned in the sun and drenched in the rain

Sweet potatoes and cassava for warming stomachs at lunch

The kite fluted to the sky

Lulling the hardworking people on their homeland fields.


Afternoon shadows fell on the side of the road

The surprising hammock at long nights where my mother lulled me

In a melodious high and low voice

The kite flute forever resounded beautifully like the sound of a musical instrument..


The moon shone all over the world

Sweet Hồng Hà, Đan Phượng, and Bá Giang

What a wonderful and beautiful childhood!

The kite brought poetry to me!





The sound of battle drums throughout history

After four thousand years, still retains its sacred soul

The S shape is always a united strip

Heroic women still loyally defend the country


Trưng Nữ flag on the riverbank in the past

Mê Linh land is still with their steps

Triệu Trinh Nương refused to accept her fate as a wife

Riding fierce waves to kill orcas to build a new regime


The nation’s history remains long forever

Bamboo shoots replaces old ones to continue their mission

Đặng Thùy Trâm didn’t balk in the fire of ammunition

In Quảng land, Mother Thứ's image is still imprinted.


Can’t count all the heroic women

Sacrificed to defend our sovereignty

In the fire of ammunition were their youth

Returned to earth with their pure souls.


Thousands of enemies poured over the border

Our fairies still marched along

Swept away the darkness they brought

When the enemies were defeated, our lullaby harmonized with our life!


Vietnamese Day of Poetry,

The 1st full moon of the lunar year, 

24th February, 2024





What do you hear in the scent of March?

When the scent merges with the wind

Red bombax ceiba flower petals are all over the sky

Pinky white clouds covering the grass nearby.


What do you hear in the scent of March?

Virgin white grapefruit petals and nostalgia

That scent permeates every breath

Missing you since a very long time ago


What do you hear in the scent of March?

Purple flowers from the bead trees fall and blend with the grass

My shoes unintentionally led to a small path

Touched my memories and I missed our past days and months.


Oh, the month of March burns forever inside me

I always recall our memories

Oh my love! You used to be in wartime

Now you return to the scent of March again!


Hà Nội, 26th, February, 2024,

A beautiful memory

(Translated into English by Tran Quynh Hoa)






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Stanley H. Barkan (USA): TASHLICH, traduit dans plus de 30 langues

19 Décembre 2023, 05:09am

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(15 September 1996)


I have no hooks,

neither have I nets,

to cast down

into the moving waters.

Only small bits & pieces

for the fish

waiting under the bridge,

down in the depths,

to come with open mouths

to find upon the surface.

I have cast my bread

upon the waters

of redemption,

all my transgressions,

hoping for another year,

a year when my pockets

will be empty,

and nothing more

to empty into the sea.


—Stanley H. Barkan


Le tashlikh (hébreu תשליך, « Tu enverras [au loin] ») est une coutume juive d'origine ancienne. Elle est pratiquée l'après-midi de Rosh Hashana (le Nouvel An civil selon le calendrier hébraïque). Les péchés de l'année écoulée sont symboliquement « envoyés », en jetant des bouts de pain, dans une rivière, un lac, la mer, l'océan, ou tout point d'eau courante, naturel de préférence.

Source: https://fr.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tashlikh

également traduit en hébreu par la poète israélienne Dorit Weisman



שיר השבוע 775
תשליך / סטנלי ה. ברקן, ארה"ב

אֵ ין לִ י קְ רָ סִ ים
גַּם ֹלא רְ שָ תוֹת,
לְ הַּ שְ לִ יְך מַּ טָ ה
אֶ ל ּתוְֹך הַּ מַּ יִם הַּ ּזוֹרְ מִ ים.
רַּ ק פִ ּסוֹת קְ טַּ ּנוֹת
עֲבּור הַּ דָ גָה
הַּ מַּ מְ ּתִ ינָה מִ ּתַּ חַּ ת לַּגֶשֶ ר,
מַּ טָ ה בַּ מְ צּולוֹת,
לָבוֹא בְ פִ ּיוֹת פְ תּוחִ ים
לִ מְ צֹא עַּ ל פְ נֵי הַּ מַּ יִם.
הִ שְ לַּכְ ּתִ י אֶ ת לַּחְ מִ י
עַּ ל פְ נֵי מֵ ימֵ י
הַּ כַּפָ רָ ה,
כָל עֲווֹנוֹתַּ י
בְ תִ קְ וָה לְ שָ נָה נוֹסֶ פֶ ת
בָ ּה יִהְ יּו
כִ יסַּ י רֵ יקִ ים
וְ ֹלא יִהְ יֶה עוֹד דָ בָ ר
לְ רוֹקֵ ן אֶ ל ּתוְֹך הַּ ּיָם.

הציור של Leopard NCT
תרגום מאנגלית לעברית: דורית ויסמן




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L'artiste Lidia Chiarelli présente une nouvelle installation pour la paix

17 Septembre 2023, 13:23pm

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L'artiste Lidia Chiarelli présente une nouvelle installation pour la paix
L'artiste Lidia Chiarelli présente une nouvelle installation pour la paix

Le 16 septembre 2023, à Agliè (Turin), a eu lieu la REMISE DES PRIX du CONCOURS LITTÉRAIRE IL MELETO DI GUIDO GOZZANO, à l'occasion duquel Lidia Chiarelli a réalisé l'une de ses installations artistiques "VOIX POUR LA PAIX 2023" avec la participation de poètes de différents pays du monde.

Associations auxquelles Lidia Chiarelli a consacré son travail :



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20 Juillet 2023, 16:39pm

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Solferininternational@gmail.com - immagine.poesia@gmail.com – anro.anna2@gmail.com

Solferininternational@gmail.com - immagine.poesia@gmail.com – anro.anna2@gmail.com


Concours  Littéraire International

Section poèmes en français

Les auteurs étrangers sont cordialement invités à envoyer un de leurs poèmes- à sujet libre (pas plus de 20 lignes), en français. Participation gratuite pour les auteurs étrangers. Certificat de participation.

Date limite : 28 avril 2024

Les résultats seront connus en mai 2024 et publiés sur le site : http://www.amilcaresolferini.com/home

Courriel : envoyer le poème avec le formulaire d’inscription Cc aux trois adresses email suivantes: 
  Solferininternational@gmail.com - immagine.poesia@gmail.com – anro.anna2@gmail.com

Protection des données personnelles: Conformément au décret législatif 196/2003, le conseil d'administration de l'association organisatrice déclare, conformément à l'article 13, que le traitement des données des participants au prix vise uniquement la gestion du prix et l'envoi d'informations purement socioculturelles aux parties intéressées.



Concours International


“Amilcare Solferini”


Formulaire d'inscription - Section des auteurs étrangers



Nom de famille_______________________________________




Ville ____________________________________________________________________________



Titre du poème:



Je soussigné, auteur du poème, déclare qu'il est de ma propre création, fruit de mon imagination et de mon inventivité.

J'autorise la publication de mon poème, même s'il n'est pas primé, sans que rien ne soit dû à l'auteur. J'autorise également la publication de mon nom et des photos de la cérémonie de remise des prix.

Signature :

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Chine: "Waiting for the bus", le poème de ANNA KEIKO composé en chanson

8 Juillet 2023, 14:07pm

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Nouvelles de Chine : Le poème d'Anna Keiko "Waiting for the Bus" a été composé en chanson par le musicien le plus célèbre de Chine.




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Carreau d'argile avec un poème de Lidia Chiarelli à Montanaro (Turin)

29 Mai 2023, 15:01pm

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Carreau d'argile avec un poème de Lidia Chiarelli pour le projet "Tripping into culture" à Montanaro

Carreau d'argile avec un poème de Lidia Chiarelli pour le projet "Tripping into culture" à Montanaro

Carreau d'argile avec un poème de Lidia Chiarelli à Montanaro (Turin)

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Un mariage d'antan: Guido Chiarelli et Caterina Cavaglià - 29 mai 1948

29 Mai 2023, 05:15am

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Un mariage d'antan: Guido Chiarelli et Caterina Cavaglià - 29 mai 1948
Un mariage d'antan: Guido Chiarelli et Caterina Cavaglià - 29 mai 1948
Un mariage d'antan: Guido Chiarelli et Caterina Cavaglià - 29 mai 1948

Guido Chiarelli et Caterina Cavaglià se sont mariés à Santena (Turin) le 29 mai 1948.

Guido Chiarelli était un ingénieur  électricien italien, connu pour ses travaux de pionnier en éclairage public.  https://fr.wikipedia.org/wiki/Guido_Chiarelli

Médailles de Chevalier de la République italienne reçues par Guido Chiarelli en 1958

Médailles de Chevalier de la République italienne reçues par Guido Chiarelli en 1958

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La poétesse chinoise Anna Huizi Keiko et ses succès

17 Février 2023, 13:37pm

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L'édition d'outre-mer du "People's Daily" et le plus grand média asiatique-américain des États-Unis, "South America News", ont publié simultanément la poétesse chinoise Anna Huizi et ses poèmes). Auteur : Xue Xixiang



La poétesse chinoise Anna Huizi Keiko et ses succès
La poétesse chinoise Anna Huizi Keiko et ses succès
La poétesse chinoise Anna Huizi Keiko et ses succès

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