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REFLECTION by Timileyin Gabriel Olajuwon, Nigeria

23 Mai 2018, 13:28pm

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Source: https://issuu.com/immaginepoesia/docs/immagine___poesia_-_vol._5

REFLECTION – Timileyin Gabriel Olajuwon


When you look into a mirror,

How do you explain the spots in your shadow:

Do you see a ghost or a vast coast,

a silent grave or a burning altar,

a swaying dove or a playing cat,

a body, a soul or a spirit fighting your ageless self?



Mama said " a woman's heart is a reflection of self;

it is a talking drum of two faces,

what face you see is whom you've become;

when you see a silence like the calm ocean or

an emptiness like a withered leaf,

look beyond your eyes to see the shadow in your darkest hour

& be the silence in graveyards of living souls... "



This is how to begin a

journey into a woman's heart:

"Begin with a reflection of self

& end with an expression of silence"


Copyright (C) 2018

Timileyin Gabriel Olajuwon






Timileyin Gabriel Olajuwon hails from Osun State, Nigeria. His poems have appeared in poetry journals, magazines and anthologies. He is the brain behind “Muse for World Peace Anthology” and the author of “Call for Retreat” 2013, "The Muse" 2017 and “Apeke and other poems” 2017– collections of poems.

More info: http://worldpoetry.ca/?tag=timileyin-gabriel-olajuwon


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