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Poem by Tali Cohen Shabtai - Jerusalem, Israel

30 Novembre 2020, 17:26pm

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I planted you, my love,I planted you

And how come what flowered was not what was planted/and the bearing dod not yet give birth

What was born


How come what did not wane could be weakened

And on the other hand,the trouble is.


And only into my life they husked this mix

Of how and why, the slips I saved

From your eyes.


Tali Cohen Shabtai




Tali Cohen Shabtai, is a poet, she was born in Jerusalem, Israel.

Tali has written three poetry books:" Purple Diluted in a Black’s Thick", (bilingual 2007), "Protest" (bilingual 2012) and "Nine Years  From You" (2018).

 By 2020, her fourth book of poetry will be published.


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