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"Angel of music" poème et tableau de SYLVIA ADJABROUX, France

30 Septembre 2010, 03:40am

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Un petit ange pour te remercier,
même si c'est la fin de l'été
même si les gouttes d'eau ont le coeur serré
contre les vitres de l'atelier,
les petits soleils comme toi
sur la grande Toile...tout l'hiver....seront rois!!!


LIEN:   http://www.sylvieadjabroux.com/



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"Ange Noa" tableau et poème de SYLVIA ADJABROUX, France

30 Septembre 2010, 03:35am

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"Ange Noa" tableau et poème de

30 Septembre 2010, 03:27am

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"Hildegarde" tableau de SYLVIA ADJABROUX, France

29 Septembre 2010, 18:30pm

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                                                                                 (copyright de l'artiste)

LIEN: http://www.sylvieadjabroux.com/




Hildegarde de Beden, artiste et poète

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Art & Poetry Tree, installation de Lidia Chiarelli, Torino, Italie

11 Septembre 2010, 05:16am

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Arte Città Amica, via Rubiana 15, Torino, Italie - Exposition "Hommage à Lawrence Ferlinghetti" ( 7 - 18 septembre, 2010)


Les visiteurs peuvent accrocher leurs poèmes ou leurs dessins à l'arbre.





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"Coucher du soleil en hiver", poème de CLAUDIO CHIABOTTI, Torino, Italie

11 Septembre 2010, 04:58am

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  Coucher du soleil en hiver

Coucher du soleil
d'un jour
sans soleil.
Neige muette
Qui crie

Sonnendämmerung im

Eines sonnenlosen Tages.

Der Schnee schreit,
Seine Einsamkeit.


Claudio Chiabotti

January 2009








                                                            (copyright de l'artiste)

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"Le poète fou" poème de LARRY THEOBALDS a.k.a., Canada

9 Septembre 2010, 06:02am

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 There's things that I am,
and things that I aint,
whether drawing or scribbling,
with pen or with paint,
I am what I am,
that's all that I'll be
a crazy old guy,
just little old me........

Larry Theobalds a.k.a.





LIEN:                   http://www.artbreak.com/madpoet                                                    



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"If you hold a mirror", poème d'ANDREW DELOSS EATON, Missouri. USA. "The Shadow of life", tableau d'OCTAVIAN FLORESCU, Canada

8 Septembre 2010, 18:22pm

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If You Hold a Mirror


If you hold a mirror

In your hands in a room

The room is real

Or is its expression.

Water like far off foil

Shook in the desert

Is the desert’s need

To quench its loneliness.

On the floor

Art was the talk

Draining from the corners

Of your mouth.

If you can you should

Look for the color

Nearest to you.

All you have done

What you wanted to become

Amounts to a shadow

Vacant and thin

In the moon’s eye.


-Andrew Deloss Eaton






        LIEN:     www.pcset.com                                                                                (copyright de l'artiste)



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"The shadow of life", tableau et mots d'Octavian Florescu, Canada

8 Septembre 2010, 06:36am

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In my soul reasonates the vibrational twilight of emotional stillness in this painting ruptured only by the vibration of life contained in the canvas of water on the aisle, surrounded by the barren and inhospitable sands of this reality. The artistic sculpturation and movement of the sands seem to be echoing their soul towards the musical vibration beating at the very heart of every culture within humanity, and this smooth tension ebbs and flows throughout the pervading harmonic stillness; as dark clouds encroach onto the atmosphere with their silent majesty, creating an unsettling vibration of forbode. Within this eerie stillness emerges the musical sound of a trickle of water, of life, that is flowing onto the parched sands of this reality from a canvas of art on the easel. From this aisle is cast the shadow of the artist himself and from within the shadow of his hands he holds an extremely small, delicate and beautifully colourful abstract art form; - it is his life...his palette. This object is radiating a phenomenal amount of musical energy which is amplified still futher by the vibrational stillness and quiet created perfectly by this painting




                                                             (copyright de l'artiste)


LIEN: http://www.pcset.com/



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