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LIGHT BRINGER, tableau et poésie de ROSE RITSON TRENWITH, Auckland, Nouvelle-Zélande

2 Juin 2009, 10:19am

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(copyright de l'artiste)

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Light Bringer


Rose Ritson Trenwith


 What is my job?

What is my place?

A question that I ask and often face

There are some whom care not – no importance to them

But to me it is everything – from where do I stem?


You are a light bringer – this is your job

Your place among people – you must never snob

The world is needier day after day

For the souls that can do this - you are needed to stay


To help bring some love – show some light on the shadows

To hold up the walls of this fragile existence

You must try to stand tall – some would want you to fall

You are on the side of light – but must try not to fight

Just continue to be & help set some souls free