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A WOMAN JUMPED FROM THE BRIDGE..., tableau de ZIL MILLANO, Sérbie et Monténégro

2 Juin 2009, 10:01am

Publié par image.poésie

(copyright de l'artiste)

LIEN: www.zilmillano.com



APRICOT GIRL ( of my dreams)


Girl in an apricot dress

Wavers on the parapet

What a prime view

Of a tragedy

From down here


Oh, oh,

Others join my girl

Climb out of the windows

Do they have to push

The bloody fools

They’ve done it now


I can see her falling

Apricot dress


Not a parachute

I look again

She’s an apricot smudge

We share the pavement

I bellow on

She fell without a word

Not a cry


It was only a short time

Before the catastrophe

That I searched anxiously

Through the building

Through the crowds of spooks

Rooms empty of you.


                                       AERONWY  THOMAS