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"Be Careful" by Ignazio Apolloni, Palermo, Italy

3 Avril 2014, 15:52pm

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A Little girl was swimming in the sea as if she was a fish, better say a dolphin. Around her other babies were standing, admired, astonished of her being able to go fast like a jet. How was possible such a little baby to reach the speed of a plane, said they so much aloud you could hear them miles away. Actually there was no explanation to that sort of a miracle: unless!


“Unless what”? asked the nearest one.


“Unless what”? asked the next one.


Of course there was no answer. None of them had the minimum idea of what was happening and nevertheless a voice from the depth of the sea came out strong, almost terrible, such as it was the rumour of a hurricane.

“Be careful babies. Stay away from the swimming syren. She might grab and take you in the most profound part of her rein”.


This was enough to scare the babies who right away disappeared. Meantime I am looking for them, either to be sure they are safe or to recommend them always to listen to the grown ups, although they might be or look like dwarves.


Ignazio Apolloni