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"The Garden of Fears" by yeşim ağaoğlu

23 Avril 2018, 04:26am

Publié par image.poésie

"Alternatif" by yeşim ağaoğlu

"Alternatif" by yeşim ağaoğlu

the gardens of fears

when its night time murderers come to the garden of fears

to swing on the swings

they get on the danger-slides  and slide away

they jump thru the terror-hoop

and dig in the sand pile of regrets

as if to bury their murders there

each time swearing this is the last time

but ah once the full moon rises

and if the owls are hooting too

their hands begin to grow huge

glitter of knives are in their eyes

gun-darkness settles on their faces

vapours invade the garden of fears

the howl of wolves here and there

the dogs are smelling blood

murderers drop in to swing on the swings

yeşim ağaoğlu