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pinaki mishra

Pinaki Mishra (India): "Mustard field's Flame" (translated by Dr.Alok Kumar Ray)

2 Décembre 2022, 14:13pm

Publié par image.poésie

Mustard field's Flame
Your lips and flame tree
Showcase immaculate beauty.
Your mind and village river
Possess art to propitiate.
Your feet and butterfly
Enigmatic letter of a quieted night.
Your hand and touch-me-not creeper
Once touched bashful the most.
As much as rays of the Sun
Like that obstinate you.
I picturise map of early evening that  grasping village extremity
Expecting you to step out from home soon after the dusk
Contemplating I to provide you a plate filled with starry flowers
As soon as you come back  home.
Lying flat you on the bed to sleep
Searching idle eyes to slumber
While in your mind's sky kites of seven colours flying
Intoxicated by thoughts you smell of youthful women
Me here in anxiety patrolling fertile sward of love.
What will be more if we meet each other!
Neither April-river be  overwhelmed and  overflowed nor does hill  change place of standstill!
Let tornado come, darkness envelope, even welcome libel
Still then like yellowish mild Sunray of mustard paddock you dazzle
In my island of imagination,
Mesmerized I am in youthful forest-bower
In bewildered woods am spellbound and fascinated.
What is relation?
Swinging of breeze in ripen meadows
On the boughs of mango bud chirping
Straightforward singing by river
Rice for scorched , boiling hunger
Melancholic song of the grief- stricken heart!
Your honey-eyed sneaky glance
Enough for sticking song into the hummock
To sail tightly
To touch the sky
Even in fury of Summer
Yours mistress- mind is brightened fire tree.
You are there I am here
Not too late for the river to conceive
Seventh season defending the path in secret nest.
Original Odia poem - Sorishakshetara Khara by Poet Pinaki Mishra
Translated into English by
Dr.Alok Kumar Ray
Kendrapara, Odisha, India.
Bio-data: Pinaki Mishra is a reputed Odia poet from Odisha in India. He has many publications to his credit.In social media like Facebook he is very active now a days.

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