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james tian

The Loyalty of Fire by James Tian 田宇, China. Artwork by Lidia Chiarelli, Italy

15 Janvier 2023, 19:53pm

Publié par image.poésie

THE LOYALTY OF FIRE, digital artwork by Lidia Chiarelli

THE LOYALTY OF FIRE, digital artwork by Lidia Chiarelli

The Loyalty of Fire
By James Tian
The quiet view encircled a heart,
The feeling of fierceness,
Aroused the sentiment and chuck.
Opened the heart,
And embraced the heaven and earth,
I love this kind of endless dusk.
When I was sad,
I always lighted my heart,
The wonderful yearning,
Linked up the love addiction and mud.
Your eyebrows and eyes,
Only appeared in the sky always,
Under the burning sunset,
That I was flushed.
If it’s not the temptation of every moment,
Why should the sunset in this time,
Full of the lingering scars ?
Missing you so much,
Even if you’re here and at my side,
It seems like closing to cruelty,
Of this light with blood.
The strong memories,
Like the loyalty cannot be destroyed,
Let the fire engulf me more,
When I don’t want to rush.

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