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REALM OF THE SPIRIT, fine art photo by ADEL GORGY, Long Island, N.Y. THE COLD COLD CORNER (Bereavement), poem by PETER THABIT JONES, UK

25 Avril 2010, 18:32pm

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The Cold Cold Corner by Peter Thabit Jones


1. Bereavement


Your head is full of trees

And the leaves have fallen.


Your eyes are full of lakes

And the water’s frozen.


Your ears are full of birds

And the songs are stolen.


Your mouth is full of skies

And the clouds are ashen.


Your heart is full of fields

And the grass is barren.


Your soul is full of hills

And the paths are broken.


Your life is full of caves

And the dark is open.


LIEN: http://www.peterthabitjones.com/