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"If you hold a mirror", poème d'ANDREW DELOSS EATON, Missouri. USA. "The Shadow of life", tableau d'OCTAVIAN FLORESCU, Canada

8 Septembre 2010, 18:22pm

Publié par image.poésie


If You Hold a Mirror


If you hold a mirror

In your hands in a room

The room is real

Or is its expression.

Water like far off foil

Shook in the desert

Is the desert’s need

To quench its loneliness.

On the floor

Art was the talk

Draining from the corners

Of your mouth.

If you can you should

Look for the color

Nearest to you.

All you have done

What you wanted to become

Amounts to a shadow

Vacant and thin

In the moon’s eye.


-Andrew Deloss Eaton






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