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A WOMAN JUMPED FROM THE BRIDGE..., tableau de ZIL MILLANO, Sérbie et Monténégro

2 Juin 2009, 10:01am

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(copyright de l'artiste)

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APRICOT GIRL ( of my dreams)


Girl in an apricot dress

Wavers on the parapet

What a prime view

Of a tragedy

From down here


Oh, oh,

Others join my girl

Climb out of the windows

Do they have to push

The bloody fools

They’ve done it now


I can see her falling

Apricot dress


Not a parachute

I look again

She’s an apricot smudge

We share the pavement

I bellow on

She fell without a word

Not a cry


It was only a short time

Before the catastrophe

That I searched anxiously

Through the building

Through the crowds of spooks

Rooms empty of you.


                                       AERONWY  THOMAS

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BIRDS, tableau d' EAGAN BADEEU, Maldives - Poem by AERONWY THOMAS, UK

2 Juin 2009, 09:57am

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(copyright de l'artiste)


LIEN: www.keykay.blogspot.com



Look out to sea:

a couple of swimmers

battling the waves.

I see a liner

Sending out flares,

A rubber dinghy

Dolphin shaped

Caught in nets

About to sink

Out to sea.


The trick is to turn

The telescope,

An inverted


Into the waters

To see

A mermaid


Caught in seaweed

At the bottom

Of the ocean,

Giant clams





I put aside

My telescope

And see

A rhinoceros

Approaching the shore

With heavy strokes.

I step into the water

Get hold of his horns

And in one twisting move

Swing him towards

The open sea.

In dreams you are as strong

As you choose to be.


I take my telescope.

Now let’s see,

Thought as much,

He’s taken the load:

Swimmers, passengers

Nets and mermaid

On his back

And rides on gentle waves

Towards me

On the shore

Where I wait

In vain

To welcome them


My scope

Fallen on the floor

Of my torn dream.



                                           AERONWY  THOMAS

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