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July 20, 2017 - THE POETS HOUSE

23 Juillet 2017, 15:45pm

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July 20, 2017


To me, all the poets, the young and the old, the living and the dead, are contemporaries. That’s the important thing. That’s the most important thing.

Stanley Kunitz


Called together

in the name

of the Muse

on a Manhattan

mid-summer day,

the circle of poets

expands and contracts

forming a shifting ring

around our white-haired seer,

Stanley, at the center.


We stand

at the border of

the shimmering Hudson,

across from Poets House,

the realized dream of

another Stanley.


Speaking in tongues --

Russian, Bengali,

Italian, Hebrew, English,

we celebrate

the breath of all life

in poem after poem,

those of the living,

and those of the spirit,

collected as one

under the wide reach

of Liberty’s light.



B. Amore


Written in commemoration of the gathering of Cross-Cultural Communication poets called together by Stanley Barkan at the Poets House 25th Annual Showcase, 10 River Terrace, Manhattan.


The Stanley Kunitz quote is from “An Interview with Stanley Kunitz/Hassanal Abdullah,” published in “A Tribute to Stanley Kunitz,” Shabdaguchha, Vol 8 No. 3/4, Apr-Sept 2006.