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14 octobre 2009 3 14 /10 /octobre /2009 12:42
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From every day that passed, he made a paper bird

Knowing that when he reached 1000

He could make a wish.

In the corner of the room they piled high

So fragile, strongly beautiful

They stopped me in my tracks


(To think

Such poetry was going on behind closed doors )

They didn't say a word.

Though I knew each one was bursting just to tell

The thousandth of the wish it held upon its beak

The wish perhaps that he could pull down the night sky

And cut a suit from it

To find all secrets of the Universe

Scrumpled in the pocket ?


( And a thousandth of that wish would be a word of what he read

Which whispered in your soul would set your heart on fire )

Or maybe what he wished for was far more down to earth -

That he could walk along a beach and leave his footprints in the sand

Knowing somewhere, someone was following ?


( And a thousandth of that wish would be the sound of one wave crashing )

Or maybe what he wished for was simply that each day

He'd taste a certain happiness upon his lips

(And a thousandth of that wish would be one drop of what he tastes

Which landing on the tongue dissolves to song...)



I'm bursting too

To ask “What do you wish for ?”

But it's not thing a person says

So let this poem ask those words instead

“What is it that you wish for ?

And could you fold one thousandth of it up into a bird and pile it high ?”

If you can,

This poem is for you: Take it, fold it up into a bird.

And when there are 1000 of them soaring in the sky


We'll fly.



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Samia Nasr 16/10/2009 08:20

Bonjour, tu es bienvenue dans la communauté "île des poètes immortels, les" surtout n'hésite pas de te présenter sur le forum et y participer et en même temps découvrir les univers des membres de
la communauté, merci d'avoir choisi ma communauté, bonne fin de semaine et à très bientôt


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