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"Usurana" image - "Women Walking" poésie par Helen Bar-Lev artiste et poète - État d’Israël

17 Juin 2013, 18:56pm

Publié par image.poésie


                               (copyright Helen Bar Lev)


Lien: http://www.helenbarlev.com/



      Women Walking 

If you look long enough
along the ridge of the mountain
and even more so when
the clouds behind them are moving
the trees seem to be women walking
walking away, down the slope
each a different height and girth
holding different objects,
wearing frilly dresses, hairdos
some with little girl-trees
at their sides

They walk and walk
until they mingle with the foliage,
hurtle off the peak like lemmings
then continue up the adjoining slope
until they meet the horizon

Where they step onto a cloud
and into heaven

Women walking

C 5.2013 Helen Bar-Lev

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